Secrets Soak Off Gel System

Secrets Removable Gels can be built up on the natural nail or as an overlay over a tip. It can have a French, Glitter, Clear or Bright Red finish. Unlike other gel nails Secrets Removable Gels soak off – no filing off required.

the most beautiful, natural and long lasting nails ever!

How does it work

Secrets Removable Gels capture the same ease and workability of acrylics but do not have a 2-3 infill rate. Secrets can be in-filled at 3-4 weeks so better for clients on a tighter budget.

Secrets Removable Gels have the same qualities of traditional gels but can be soaked off with Acetone instead of being filed off meaning less dust and less manual effort for removal.

Great for you....

• A Gel that is as strong as acrylic
• No odour and practically dust free
• Beautiful pink and whites or gorgeous colours long lasting and high shine
• Brand new innovative technology
• Great for the natural nail as well as tip or sculpt

What the techs say....

“As I am mostly an Acrylic tech I’m always wary about trying new gels, but the new Secrets Removable gel is so easy, it self-levels but without running, the colour pigmentation is lovely and strong.  I was able to get a great C-curve by pinching it when sculpting and I found the whole system fast and easy to use. I can see this becoming one of my favourite products to work with!” – Gemma Lambert, 12 x UK Nail Champion.

“This product is the future of gels. The oligomers used allows speed in application, strength and flexibility. It’s perfect for acrylic techs to use too, so easy to apply and lasts! The Secrets coloured gels, high in pigment and smooth in texture form a range of rich intense colours. Quality in a jar” – Denise Wright, NSI Brand Ambassador.

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Secrets Removable Gel Menu


Natural Nail Overlay - Clear

Price £30.00


Extensions - Clear

Price £32.00


Natural Nail Overlay - French or Red

Price £32.00


Extensions - French or Red

Price £35.00


Natural Nail Overlay - Glitter

Price £35.00


Extensions - Glitter

Price £38.00

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