Let’s face it there are plenty of reasons to be down in Jan/Feb, it doesn’t have to be that way!  I’m going to share with you a couple of my secret tips to help kick start your new year and make you feel fabulous! (I even have a special gift for you if you make it all the way to the end)

If your anything like me I was inundated with chocolates, sweets, Alcohol over Christmas & New Year. I’m only just coming to the end of it all. So the motivation to detox, diet and get back in the gym has been -100%!!

Getting there? This week has been a little bit better as I have been cutting down on the naughty(er) stuff and sticking to 3 meals a day and slowly reducing the tea & coffee (she says sat in a coffee shop writing this). I drink decaf as I have a caffeine intolerance but it’s surprising still how addictive it is!

Gym what’s that? I even got up early for the gym this morning, needless to say it was -3 and it took my car 15 mins to defrost. By this time, I wouldn’t have made it in time to get there. But as least the thought was there. I might make it on Friday.Image result for i don't want to go back to the gym

Get to the point Toni. You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about this so I’ll tell you.

January & February are that sucky time of year where you’ve over indulged over Christmas & New Year, feeling sluggish & bloated. You want to shift some unwanted weight but lacking motivation, Money (what’s that??)  is tight, the weather is cold and horrid.

Weather. I can’t do anything about the weather unfortunately (unless suggesting a holiday, which we have amazing pre-holiday treatments for) but I can certainly help you with the other things!

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FREE Weight loss ingredient. Life wouldn’t be worth living if we dieted & detoxed over the festive season, would it? We all do it so we are all in the same boat. What can we do about it? The first thing you will be amazed is actually totally FREE! YES FREE!….Image result for drinking water

  • Water, water is the fastest most natural way that you can effectively shift that sluggish, bloated belly, no get up and go feeling almost immediately.

  • By replacing your 3,4,5,6 cups of tea or coffee a day to 1-2litres of water a day within 5 days I can almost guarantee you will feel more refreshed in the mornings, your tummy will feel flatter and you could loose weight. Now I’m not saying totally go cold turkey on the tea & coffee if you’re like me and need that cup in the morning. I’m just saying drink more water and see the results yourself!

  • I keep a litre bottle of water next to me at the salon and swig it all day, I can generally get at least 1 to 1.5 litres down me at work and then make it to the 2-litre point when I get home cooking & eating dinner.

What to expect. On the first day or so of drinking more water there are a few minor side effects but I promise you it’s worth it.

  • You may experience a detox headache, don’t worry its not the type of headache to prevent you from doing your daily routine. Keep drinking your water and it will subside within a day or so. Basically, the reason behind this is all those toxins that are from alcohol, tea, coffee & soft drinks are stored within your body and if you don’t drink enough water your lymphatic system doesn’t know what to do with them so it continues to store them in fat cells & muscle fibres. When you start drinking more water your lymphatic system starts working efficiently again and begins to pump these toxins out and that is what causes your headache.

  • You also will pee twice as much (this is a good thing!). Without going into too much detail when your pee is concentrated (dark yellow/orange) this generally means your dehydrated, the more water you drink the clearer your pee! When you start detoxing with water you may not start peeing right away as your body needs the water to rehydrate and get your system functioning properly. I can feel like I have a bit of a water belly for a bit but it soon goes away. Remember your lymphatic system is what gets rid of toxins from the body, so when you pee you are essentially getting rid of toxins & fat!!

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Feeling slow? If you often feel tired or sluggish it can be because you are not drinking enough water. Thus drinking more water can make your body function better and reduce fatigue. Remember the more energy you have the more fat cells you burn.

WATERS boring you say? It has no taste or flavour! I get it especially when you can get all these yummy coffees and fruit drinks (let’s not mention g&t’s). Fruit teas are a great addition to drinking more water or adding lemon to hot water in the morning is a great wakeup to your digestive system. Or get yourself one of those water bottles from Primark for £1 that you can put cucumber or fruit into the filter and get flavoured water. I love cucumber water I drank tons of it last year!

So my advice is just DRINK MORE WATER and you will feel so much better.

Give yourself a scrub! If you get to the point where your drinking more water and want to shift excess cellulite and harder fats in the skin I highly recommend exfoliation. I’m not talking about those silly little puffs you buy in the shops, I’m talking a down and dirty salt scrub exfoliator that going to work at breaking down those fat cells and reducing the “orange peel” effect in the skin.

I use our Katherine Daniels Salt and oil exfoliator which in my opinion the best body scrub I have EVER used. Pop into the salon for a free play with it. I can guarantee you won’t go back to those puffs after using this product.
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Money???? The January & February blues and money or lack of money more like is also a big issue for a lot of us. I can help you a bit with that too. Did you know that at the salon we offer a pamper party service? Did you know you can get it for FREE? What better than getting together with a few your friends and having a girly night in that will cost you nothing. Get in contact with me on 07969993631 and I can give you more info.

Now if you’ve reached the bottom of this blog, Firstly Thank you for reading it I hope you found this helpful and informative. Secondly, I would like to give you a FREE gift the next time you’re at the salon. Just say you read the blog.

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Thank you for sparing the time to read this.


Head Therapist at Beauty Care by Toni-Nicole